Month: August 2017


The Freedom of the Ocean

I have just finished my 7 days on board of La Bum. And even though I left the boat no more than 24 hours ago,


Home away from home

A new bay everyday. Clear skies, 35 degrees. The water is warm, crystal clear, azure blue. The coastline is rough and rocky. Huge, dramatic mountains

La Bum con Solidea

Quest’anno Ermanno e Guglielmo hanno portato Solidea fino a Spalato. Il programma è quindi una settimana di veleggiate insieme.

Smooth sailing

Couldn’t have asked for a better captain and boat to learn the ropes of sailing with. Luigi, being so patient, trusting and a total legend

Taking the Pace Off

Would never have thought a handful of people could live so comfortably on “La Bum”. The term ‘smooth sailing’ has been thrown around recently. In

New acquatic sport

If the bay is beautiful and it’s not raining or snowing the crew is practising La Bum’s new acquatic sport. Of course we use the

No wind today

After many days of good wind, today we are navigating with engine