Month: July 2018

Wonders of Peloponisos

On my first day on Peloponisos, just after passing from the picturesque Zakynthos, I was little bit afraid what if all the places here would

A new crewmate aboard!!!

An incredible story about rescuing, friendship, sailing and crocodiling. This story started two days ago. Just after a stormy moment, we saw far away, a



Sailing with a bunch of crazy Czech people on an Italian hippie-boat is quite an experience. ”Interesting”, as Julius Ceasar would say. Being the only



7/8 July – The World Heritage-listed Meteora is an extraordinary place and one of the most visited in all of Greece. The massive pinnacles of



6/7 July – The Zagorohoria’s 46 traditional stone-and-slate villages, tucked into the Pindos range, offer atmospheric accomodation, crisp alpine air, sublime views.  Once connected only by



5/6 luglio – Inizia il tour nel continente con la visita a Ioannina, la migliore città dell’Epiro per bere e mangiare, una grande varietà di storia