From LNI Monfalcone to N. Zakynthos and back

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Route Plan


LEG 1-The cruise starts in early June with a transfer from LNI Monfalcone to Solta, the southernmost point of the 2021 cruise.
LEG 2-From Solta the cruise continues with navigation and exploration of the Croatian islands to Dubrovnik
LEG 3- From Dubrovnik starts the transfer to the first Greek island N. Ereikoussa with possible stop in Albania. The navigation continues with N. Kerkira, N.Paxoi arriving at N. Lefkas.
LEG 4- From N. Lefkas the navigation continues with N. Kefallonia, N. Zakynthos and other smaller islands up to Patrass, entrance of the homonymous gulf.
LEG 5- From Patrass begins the exploration of the Gulf of Patrass with return to Mesolongi
LEG 6- Transfer to N.Kerkira and to follow Dubrovnik and finally LNI Monfalcone by the end of September

LEG 1 Detail

LEG - LNI Monfalcone > Solta (Croatia)
Departure: ......June