Can I board La Bum if I have no previous sailing experience?
Don’t worry, we are used to teach even complete beginners, but we expect you to be eager to learn and to participate on running the boat.

Do we need to bring with us some specific sailing outfit/gear?
Except the common holiday equipment like sunglasses and sun protection, it is adviced to have closed light shoes for the deck, and something rainproof in the case of bad weather. The boat is equipped with self-inflatable life-jackets.

Do we need to bring other stuff, like sleeping bags, sheets, food or anything else?
If you prefer the sleeping bag, you can take it, otherwise it’s enough to have two bed sheets (one under and one over) and a pillow sheet. Please bring your towels. 
Food we will buy in supermarket when you board, no need to bring your stuff (but you are welcome, if you want to cook something unusual).

How big are the beds in cabins?
The front cabin has a V-shaped bed with one side long 200 cm and the other 180 cm. At the shoulder area the bed is wide 180 cm, in legs around 40 cm.
The single cabin has a bed 200 x 80 cm.
The stern cabin has two separated beds, each 200 x 70 cm.

Plus there is always possibility to sleep outside on the deck.

If you have any other question, contact us on info@labum.it or drop a line below.