From LNI Monfalcone to N. Zakynthos and back - Summer 2022

Update of May 26th, 2022


LEG 1 – The cruise starts in early June with a transfer from LNI Monfalcone to Split, the southernmost point of the 2021 cruise.
LEG 2 – From Split the cruise continues with navigation and exploration of the Croatian islands to Dubrovnik

LEG 3 – From Dubrovnik starts the transfer to the first Greek island N. Ereikoussa ending in Gouvia Marina (N. Kerkira)

LEG 4 – From N. Kerkira, N.Paxoi arriving at N. Lefkas.
LEG 5 – From N. Lefkas the navigation continues with N. Kefallonia, N. Zakynthos and other smaller islands up to Patras, entrance of the homonymous gulf.
LEG 6 – From Patras sailing back to Corfu
LEG 7 – From Corfu via Montenegro to Cavtat

LEG 8 – From Cavtat to LNI Monfalcone

TOTAL 100 days  –  2.019 nm

LEG1 – LNI Monfalcone > Split (Croatia)

From 1st June to 9th June 

Navigation days: 8

Total days: 9

Total lenght 231 nm

LEG2 –  Split > Dubrovnik

Available place: one

From 9th June  to 1st July

Navigation day:18

Total days: 22

Total lenght 249 nm

LEG3 – Dubrovnik > Corfu (Greece)

From 1st July to 6th July

Navigation days: 4 

Total days: 5

Total lenght 232 nm

LEG4 – Corfu > Lefkas

From 6th July to 16th July

Navigation days: 9

Total days: 10

 Total lenght  156 nm

LEG5 – Lefkas > Patras 

From 16th July to 1st Aug

Navigation days: 12

Total days: 16

 Total lenght  212 nm

LEG6 –  Patras > Corfu

From 1st August to 14th August

Navigation days: 10

Total days: 12

 Total lenght  205 nm

LEG6A –  Corfu > Corfu

Available place: one (partial leg)

From 14st August to 20th August

Navigation days: 6

Total days: 7

 Total lenght  82


LEG7 – Corfu (Greece) > Cavtat (Croatia)

From 21th August to 28th August

Navigation days: 6 

Total days: 8

Total lenght 283 nm

LEG8 –  Cavtat (Croatia) > LNI Monfalcone (Italy)

From 29th August to 8th September

Navigation days: 11

Total days: 11

 Total lenght  369 nm

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