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Site content News

Sailing adventures with Grand Soleil “Lotos” and Camper and Nicholson “Lotos” have now been transferred to “La Bum” site.

It will take now few days fixing posts, pages and galleries.

Grand Soleil 45 "Lotos"
Grand Soleil 45 “Lotos” – Mediterranean Sea
Camper & Nicholson 42 "Lotos"
Camper & Nicholson 42 “Lotos” – Mediterranean Sea

“Santa Maria” – Iseo Lake

Grand Soleil 343 “Diamante” – Adriatic Sea
“Solidea” Adriatic Sea
Franchini 63 "Simonico"
Franchini 63 “Simonico” – Atlantic Crossing and Caribbean Islands
Magrini 55 "Best Explorer"
Magrini 55 “Best Explorer” – All over the Seas and Oceans
Swan 65 "Talina"
Swan 65 “Talina” – All Seas and Atlantic Crossing up to Panama