End of LEG 1

June 13 – 17

After one more night in bay close to Delos, one of the biggest commercial places of ancient Greece, we moved to Mykonos, one of the most crowded cities of contemporary Greece. A huge difference, really. Mykonos is a city, well – whole island, living from thousands of tourists coming here for two main things: beaches and wild parties. Hundreds of them come everyday by big cruising ships, others are carried in by air.

There is no surprise that very little attention is paid to relative small crews of sailing boats. There are 3 quite new piers with mooring lines, next to the new ferry port, but totally without service. As many places in Greece, rebuilt from European money and then abandoned for the lack of money to keep it running (or for not sufficent will?). Who knows..

Try to find Lotos!

Well, we arrived in marina without water or electricity and were supposed to stay there for 4 days! Luckily, after very hard effort (including number of phone calls to people who doesn’t want to speak with you at all) we found one guy who came with truck and filled our diesel and water tanks. Lack of electricity was solved by our loud silent generator, which we switched on for some hour every day..

In the evening we went to Mykonos downtown to get lost. We achieved this goal very quickly 🙂 It took us 2 days to get oriented in its narrow streets full of shops, tavernas and clubs.. Pazzesco!

Aside all those famous Mykonos beaches we also visited ancient island of Delos. We came there by tourist ferry, and just in front of entrance we met a perfect guide, former historician and archeologist. She took us back in time few thousand years.. Impossible to describe. Someone told us it’s just an island full of stones, which was completelly true, but the spirit of place is still very strong.


On Saturday evening we had a last common dinner in a very crowded but recommended Nikos taverna and on Sunday morning I said goodbye to all, pulled down my flag and departed by Theologos P ferry to Rafina, to catch plane from Athens next day.

Thanks again for a beautiful month, and I hope to see you soon again!



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