Kythnos – June 20

In the night the anchor had dragged from the gusts of wind in the night and we were in dangerously shallow water, at 4am. Reseting the anchor twice in the dark, with other boats in the bay, we got a few more hours of sleep before a coffee infused breakfast. In the bay there is a small ismuth separating the bay and we decided to go around the outside and anchor on the other side where it was more protected. Arriving there, we anchored, and inflated the dingy. On the boat, things naturally have a tendency to fall in the water… but alas, we managed without the many things we have lost to the depths but could not start the dingy outboard engine. Luciano took the small diving tank and looked for a part for the outboard (to change the spark-plug) 9 meters down but could not find it in the sea-grass. Rowing, and fixing a line to the shore we tied the stern and went swimming. At this time it was remembered that the safety-wrist-key for the outboard was needed to start the engine and then it ran like clock-work. “This is the way of the boat” said Renato. The bay is beautiful with sea-urchins on the rocks through the clear water and another day in paradise was underway. Reading, swimming, repairing the boat, and eating lunch for the afternoon we relaxed after the night before, and reset the anchor once again before lunch after a heavy gust.

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