Relax in Sali

Relaxing day in Sali, a very beautiful village.

Marco abandons us to return to Italy, so three of us remain on board. In the morning walk to discover the library of Sali, a very interesting place: books and background music. The friendly and bubbly manager, a lover of Italy. Place not to be missed.

In the afternoon Luigi and I go hiking inside the island in the Talascica Park. Fantastic view! What are we doing tonight? Dinner in a typical restaurant! We go to konoba Kod Sipe and personally book a table for 8 pm, we choose it carefully, planning a nice evening for all the crew.

To occupy the time Luigi decides to make himself beautiful and goes to Emma, ​​the very nice hairdresser of the town. An understanding is born between the two and they have a lot of fun.

In the evening we go to Kod Sipe well in advance, but the table is not available. Unreliable venue to avoid.

After a good dinner in another place at the port (Grill Tony, good food and fair price) and a delicious ice cream, we return to the boat. Moored near us is a squadron of boats with Italians on board (see photo of the group of boats). Indifferent to the neighbors on the boat and with no respect for the host country, they cackle loudly until the early hours of the morning. To finish this morning they wash the boat, with the water of the Marina leaving it to flow on the deck. Here it is not allowed to use water for cleaning as the island has been supplied with water by barge since last night engaged in this service and moored behind the “magnificent” who probably did not understand what the ship is doing 😢

Today departure for Zara …. ⛵

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