The Knife Saga

Sometimes when you are peacefully clearing the table, unexpected things happen. The knife you are stacking bounces off the plate, bounces off the step, bounces off the edge of the boat, and falls into the ocean.

Despite the best intentions and prolonged searchings of our mermaid sailmate, Mikaela, the knife does not appear. The skipper rigs an ingenious device comprised of a magnet on a string and paddles around in the dinghy searching, but still the mysterious knife does not appear.

Finally, the knife dropper begins the same process of paddling about in the dinghy, face down with a mask on and the magnet in hand. With much assistance from those on deck, the knife is spotted, and hallelujah! recovered from a watery grave. There is much rejoicing on board and the cutlery set is reunited. The adventures of life onboard..

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