Very hard anchoring

4 Aug

We spent this day in beautiful bays! First we stoped for lunch in a nice bay, where we ate Luigi’s beer chicken! First, we did some snorkeling, of course, in a water with no less then 25 meters of visibility.

We then continued our trip until we got to the amazing bay of Ayos Andreas! For me, the best spot so far! In a place that could easily be the scene of one of the Greek battles I have imagined in my mind, the water was as clear as the other bay. We had some goats, who kept screaming, jumping around and quite a few bees, who were not very pleasant. No big problem, they disappeared as soon as the sun went down.

I PeriniWe ate and just after diner the adventure started! Luigi hurried up to the deck and calling Marco. We all went up and realized that the anchor was being dragged – we were about 5 meters from hitting the rocks.

We had to find an other solution if we wanted to wake up at that beautiful bay. I think we spent about 2 and a half hours trying to find an other spot, but the anchor kept on running loose. Well, no luck for us, we had to find an other place to sleep. Luigi decided to take us to an other port that was about 10 miles from our present location. A good opportunity to experience night navigation as Luigi liked to say.

The night was beautiful, many, many stars were up in the sky. Still, I must confess the whole thing got me tired. We finally arrived and as we were about to sit to eat Hermano’s nice apple pie… We listen a ferry horn! F*%k! We were actually standing on her way. We had to move again to make room to that huge ferry! Well, when we finally did it we were able to eat in peace, and not long after everyone went to sleep! I think it was about 1 or 2 AM when the day was over. Still, no sign of Luigi’s tuna as he had promised!

[pictures by Luigi]

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