Volos and Beyond

A port stay in Volos of a few days allowed the crew to recuperate from the relaxing time in the bays. As the captain ducked home for a quick trip the crew were able to play. Silvana and Italo were the most adventurous with a trip to visit the oracle in Delphi and a visit to the sages in the monasteries in Meteora. Both returned enlightened and in awe of the beautiful panoramas in central Greece. After picking up the captain from Thessaloniki they had clocked over 1200km on land.                                                                                                                 Gaylyn headed off for a day tour with a local mountain bike company. In the sizzling heat she rode the mountain bike through creek beds and along pebbled beaches, then rode a horse to the beach through olive groves, hiked up a canyon and swam in a spring-fed pool surrounded by waterfalls.


On the last evening Italo, Travis and Gaylyn went to explore some beaches in the south including Kala Nera. Winding through the country side gave them the image that they were in a holiday place for Athenians. Many summer cottages littered the mountain sides and beaches. It was a very relaxed atmosphere.

The beautiful cool water was very clear and full of floating Greeks.

    Renato kept watch over the boat overseeing the filling of the gas tank, finding a good hair dresser and keeping the crew fed.

The stopover enabled the crew to catch up on laundry and other various jobs around town.

The town itself wasn’t very interesting in an historical sense because it had only been rebuilt in the 1950s due to a devastating earthquake.






Pantry stocked, decks cleaned and water tanks filled the crew have quickly fallen back into routine at sea.




Silvana is preparing what is destined to be a delicious lunch, Travis is at the helm, Gaylyn is lookout, Italo is overseeing the cockpit, Luigi is determining routes at the nav table and Renato is fishing. All is well on the good ship Lotos.

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