40 miles a day – not enough

On Friday 31st we had a long sailing up to Samos. We woke up at 6.30 and quickly left Partheni bay on Leros. Contrary to all forecasts we recieved proper wind to sail after one hour of cruise.


During the day wind turned to our 180° and we decided to try “La Farfalla Tangonata” (butterfly with spinaker boom). It was the first time for some of us, so we were adequately excited. 🙂

Farfalla tangonata

We made this way our 40 miles very comfortably and by 18.00 we anchored on Samos in a wide bay Molla Ibrahim. Even though the wind was coming from the only open side of bay, there were no big waves – bay was hidden from South by Turkish peninsula.

We had another one giant dinner and then happily went to our beds. However, not for long – anchor alarm started to ring at 22.30. We poked our heads out of the main hatch and saw that something went terribly wrong. Wind increased to 25 kts and started to push us into the bay. Luigi started engine, Marco and I went to the bow (still in our underpants) to pull out anchor as fast as possible. Captain immediately decided to set out for a nearest shelter, which was 6.3 miles far in Pythagorio.

First problem was to get out of the bay, because we were disoriented, and it wasn’t so much clean what is sea and what is rock. In this hot while cockpit chart plotter stuck and Luigi didn’t see anything. So I read our position on second plotter in saloon and gave instructions to helm.

No one was really prepared for night navigation, but after the first problem everything went smooth. Luigi called Pythagoreio port police and got information that there is plenty of space, so we relaxed and  enjoyed this adventure with Lotos switched to night mode (there is special set of red cabin and cockpit lighting for night cruises – perfect tweak that protects your vision from dazzle).

After an hour of motoring we entered Pythagoreio port and as soon as we oriented, we anchored in a quiet part of sheltered port.


Next morning we found a free place on the city wall, just in front of one of many bars. Here we took well-deserved rest. 🙂

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