Three nights on Leros

On Tuesday 28th we moved on from Kalimnos city. There was no good wind for sailing, so we focused on sunbathing and motored along the eastern coast of Kalimnos towards Leros. We anchored in a beautiful bay around noon to have lunch in silence. Then we proceeded to Leros Marina, a brand new marina near Lakki.


Although Luigi called the office in the morning to reserve mooring for us, we arrived the entrance of marina and found it nearly full. About half an hour we were circling in the gate of marina and waiting for berth with fear that we have to survive tomorrow storm somewhere else. Luckily, they found a tiny piece of pier at his very end and told us to moor along the last boat.

Leros windy

Strong, but warm wind from South came on Wednesday, and raised big waves in whole Aegean sea. We rent a car and motorcycles and made two separate trips across beautiful island of Leros.

Today, on Thursday 30th, we left marina bit later, due to big waves coming from SW. We hoisted sails as soon as possible and turned to the eastern coast again, to find shelter from waves.


We sailed until we could and when our speed fell down to 2 knots, we decided to stay one more night on Leros and to wait for tomorrow SW wind stream, which should carry us up to Samos. If we manage to get up at 7.00, we should be able to make it.. End of report from Partheni bay!

Anchorage at Leros

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