A beautiful experience must be shared

However, the both of us really would like to come back to La Bum in the future. And since only a handful of people can stay on the boat at the same time, we think it’s better (for our own future perspectives) if we don’t share too much. Having that said, we still would like to mention a few highlights. Just because some experiences are just too beautiful to keep them for ourselves.


Sailing with La Bum means.. Watching the milky way every night from the deck. Anchoring in the most beautiful bays of Croatia. Learning very fast how to sail. Receiving a lot of faith and freedom from captains Luigi and Dominik. Sitting behind the helm on our very first day of sailing. Waking up with an Australian “Cucurucuuu” to watch the sunrise. Start with a swim in the ocean every day. Spotting dolphins right in front of our boat. Relaxing in the hammock while watching the sunset. Delicious Italian meals prepared by Luigi. Drinking digestivo with waffles. Absint with melted sugar on a sponge (or was it spoon?). Singing Yellow Submarine with Ermanno on his guitar. Repairing the engine on the middle of the sea. Sailing with a strong wind up to 30 knots. And still you can tell Luigi is fully in control and guarantees safety for his crew.

Some quotes to end with: “Go to the partyyyyyy!”, “I know my chicken”, “All shakkas no wakkas”, “Sanne and Alex were hijacking the car from Bologna”, “What happen?”, “Today we will catch a very big fish, I’m a 100% sure”, “Buffalo”, “In-cre-di-ble!”


If you have no clue what this is all about, there is only one way to figure it out: join La Bum and go sailing with her fantastic captains.

Grazie mille Luigi and Dominik! Sailing with you was one of the best experience we had and we definitely would like to come back 🙂


Alexander & Sanne

What an incredible place for our first night
Sanne behind the helm


Private Mooring
La Bum


Digestivo with waffles
Best boat ever!
Arriving in Milna


Our captain Luigi fully relaxed
The enginge needs some maintenance
Captain Dominik preparing a good lunch


The beautiful red sails of La Bum
All Chaka’s no Wakka’s

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