The Freedom of the Ocean

I have just finished my 7 days on board of La Bum. And even though I left the boat no more than 24 hours ago, I already miss the boat along with the people aboard.

When I first set foot on La Bum, I never had any experience of sailing, and frankly, I did not expect that I could learn much in only one week. But Luigi has been so great at teaching and putting trust into the crew while being highly patience. And due to that, we all learned a lot about sailing and got an insight in the freedom that roams the sea. The freedom to just go wherever the crew decides to go and to focus only on sailing, enjoying life and having fun.

We visited and stayed at many bays, each more beautiful than the next. We also set anchor at different marinas where we enjoyed some nice cold beers at walked around in the beautiful cities and experiencing the different culture.

If there is one thing I would criticize of Croatia, then it would be the fish. Even though I saw many fish along the way, not even one single fish managed to take my bait while I was fishing. There must be something wrong with the fish, it certainly could not be due to my fishing skills. Jokes aside, the wildlife we saw along the journey was very beautiful. We spotted dolphins twice during that one week, and each time they swam right next to the boat – it was so nice to see.

The only thing that could beat the beautiful scenery, the nice weather and the great sailing experience – was the people that I met onboard, who came from all different nationalities. During only one week we became quite close and enjoyed each others company. We were relaxing, having fun and enjoying cold beers together, or one of Luigi’s small Italian coffee, which became a daily routine after lunch.

I would highly recommend anyone who is considering sailing, to sail with Luigi on La Bum. It has been one of the best experiences and holidays that I have ever been on. I at least know that I am definitely coming back some other time!

Until next time – Ciao

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