Home away from home

A new bay everyday. Clear skies, 35 degrees. The water is warm, crystal clear, azure blue. The coastline is rough and rocky. Huge, dramatic mountains on the mainland, here and there a village clinging to its steep slopes. The pending storm in combination with the bushfires of the past days make it smell like rain, soil and burnt grass. Bunkers from Yugoslavian times, silently continuing their watch over the Adriatic. Small, sunburnt islands, fig and olive trees. Naked German people on paddle boards… What a majestic view to wake up to. Sunsets, the stars to marvel at. Enjoying Italian cuisine or visiting a hidden bar which is only accessible by boat.
A new home and good rocks where ever the anchor dropped.

“La Bump”- (as Grace fittingly nicknamed it) definitely left an impression on me and some dents on my head. Bruises and scars on my hands, great memories in my heart. We were literally putting our blood and sweat into sailing.           Some on the deck itself, some on a pier in Tribunj (Blair), where we met the unfriendliest person in the whole of Croatia.
La Bum really did feel like home away from home. Good food, drinks and awesome company. Our international crew’s combined sailing experience was next to nothing but under Luigi’s supervision we have learnt to work like a clockwork. So much so, that we soon were gybing, tacking, anchoring and mooring like Pirates.
He alone taught us the basics of sailing in just under two weeks and we can proudly call our selves some what experienced.

Grazie, Luigi!

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