Adventures on the High Seas – July, 23/24

After a very rough night at anchor Lotos headed north towards Lemnos, (Limnos) in rough seas. Once we were around the headlands a gust of wind nearly knocked us down. This threw Gaylyn and Travis out of their bunks. Gaylyn had books flying overhead. For a few brief seconds it was like a scene out of a horror movie. Half the crew was feeling pretty queasy and one even got to feed the fish. Renato came up with another pearler when the chuckee said they were only providing a bit of fish food, Renato replied, ‘We will evaluate the quality of your eating situation when we see the results of the fishing’. Sympathy and fresh air were the only relief. We cut our trip to the north short and went to Lemnos Island earlier than planned due to the wind conditions. Lemnos provided further relief to the queasy crew.

After a quick break the crew headed off around the corner to a nice bay. Music was pumping from a taverna on the beach. Water skiers and banana boat riders surrounded us. Travis took some great pics with his underwater camera.

Our trip to other bays was abandoned when some bad fuel caused the engine to conk out. We sailed back to port and arrived under sail. We had to notify port authorities as it is forbidden. When Luigi announced how special we were to be coming in under sail, Renato retorted, ‘Yes, us and Nelson’. The crew of a super yacht near a nice space on the dock came and gave us a hand to tow the boat in. Plenty of people were available with lots of advice – some good and lots of assistance. We had to dock in the Mediterranean way, with the stern facing the dock. It was an interesting maneuver.

During our stay in Lemnos, the crew visited the Turkish fortress that shadowed the major town of Myrina. It was a short walk up. The fortress was quite spread out around a natural rocky outcrop. It was filled with with tunnels and wells. There were wild deer grazing amongst the ruins. Lots of little nooks to explore entertained the crew for a while.

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