Landlubber’s Adventures on Lemnos

Given the instructions to have a nice day out, and don’t hurry back, so Renato and Luigi could sort out the fuel situation, gave the others leave to explore. Italo hired a car and Silvana, Gaylyn and Travis joined him on a tour.

We visited an allied graveyard near the port of Moudros, which was pleasantly, quite small. Nothing is very well signed so half the adventure is finding the spots. Whilst looking for the graveyard we found a sweet church on top on a hill over looking a bay with caves and blow holes. We then meandered to Poliochni, claimed to be a civilisation dating nearly 7000 years ago, maybe the oldest evidence of a town in Europe. There were a lot of old rocks, (Italo’s words), but Gaylyn found the site very interesting.

Hunger drove us to the next destination, Kostinas where we were greeted by a lovely lady at a Taverna. The food was fantastic and we were given complimentary expressos and watermelon. The crew is often overwhelmed by the helpfulness and hospitality of the Greeks. Renato was given spinach and cheese scrolls from a bakery the other day. So welcoming. Whilst in Kostinas the crew went to visit a small church. There was the remains of a fortress below and in front of the church and a statue of ‘Xena’ a young Greek girl who had picked up her slain father’s sword and fought the Turks. Under the church, cut into the side of the hill, were 66 steps leading to a small underground chapel. In the chapel was a well where ‘holy’ water was collected.

The crew continued on their journey and found an abandoned project of a resort. It was quite depressing to see the roof fallen in and the windows smashed on this quite extensive project.Just a reminder that today’s financial situation can be devastating for some people.

As we continued north east to the settlement of Plaka we passed a dry salt lake. It resembled a snow field albeit under the blazing sun.

Feeling rather adventurous, the crew hit the dirt track to explore the sand dunes in the north west of the island. These were an ecosystem of their own. They towered over beautiful bays and swimming beaches. On the west coast, the crew dived in for a quick dip. There were a few caves to explore and one really cool cafe that was set in an actual cave.

The fuel problem, almost under control, Gaylyn and Travis headed to the old town for dinner and to watch a band. They were caught up and whirled into a Greek circle of beautiful young women dancing. The music was a cross between rap and reggae. It was a lot of fun.

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