Landlubber’s Adventures on Lemnos Part 2 – July, 30

We had another day on tour for Gaylyn’s last day with the boat and Italo’s birthday. We got to see all the places we missed out the first day. Now we could write ‘The Dummies Guide to Lemnos’. It involves asking a lot of directions from the locals because the signage is so bad. It was hilarious because it seemed like the further we got through the day, the less talking the locals did to us. By the last guy we asked, he just pointed and didn’t even give a grunt. Maybe they were phoning each other and telling each other to avoid the tourists in the blue car!!! Or maybe they’re all psychically connected. It was weird.

We visited the church under the rock. This church has no roof and is in a cave. It was an amazing walk to it. We were told it would take us an hour but it only took us 15 minutes. The rock formations and the caves were brilliant. The church ended up being tiny with the walls being only about 120cm in height. The pictures made it look so big.

We were recommended to go to a local taverna in the north for some traditional food. Silvana had the wild rabbit and at one stage had to spit out a small bullet. Certainly was wild. Travis and Italo had the wild rooster and a local pasta. We all got to try an unusual local dish which was honey and cheese over gnocchi. It was okay.

Then we headed north along some interesting tracks to some unusual rock formations- They were rounded like giant eyeballs.

We visited an ancient theatre dating 2500years old in another part of the island.

It was pretty hot and dusty so we cooled off in a beautiful bay on the way back to the good ship Lotos.

Ciao Gaylyn, Happy Birthday Italo!!!

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