Amorgos, Sunday June, 10

Yesterday the “Turni di Comandata” (list for the cooking shifts) was made and today was Renato and I. Breakfast accomplished, three of us went to go rent 125cc mopeds for the day and after the classic moments of confusion, we took the mopeds back to the boat to prepare ourselves for the day. The six of us on three mopeds, Luciano, Oscar, and I drove. Stopping at the amazing views, the roads were winding, cliff-side, and full of switch-backs. Portions of the coast are sheer cliff and the tallest point was 1,300 feet, riding the mopeds along this was great. Stopping at “Chora”, near the city center on the top of mountain, we got rooftop nescaffes (greek coffee) and then to another restaraunt for greek coffees with local cheese. Riding the mopeds further, we eventually found our way to the monastery. Built over 900 years ago on literally the side of a cliff, you must walk up a stone path to reach it. We waited until it opened and the view was spectacular. Inside a narrow staircase (one wall being the cliff) there were two small rooms for worship, many paintings, and living quarters for the monks who gave us something like a turkish delight and weak, but very flavorful whiskey. Afterwards we rode to the southernmost point of the island and then all the way back to the boat, a great ride. At the boat Renato and I prepared pasta with salad, and for dessert we had the Austrian “mozart” chocolates.

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