From Levitha to Amorgos – Saturday June, 9

Saturday we had breakfast on board and went swimming in the beautiful water. The water-maker (desalinator) was prepared and primed with new filters, the “turni di comandata” was made for the cooking shift duties in pairs of two, and the reefing points were attached on the mainsail. After lunch, with full water tanks, we headed west for the much larger island Amorgos.


Slightly larger seas, and shifting winds, 29 miles to Amorgos were underway and we were having fun now!


Although stong efforts by Renato, Luciano, and Oscar were made to catch a fish, no luck. Halfway, the wind turned on the nose and we chose to motor sail into the wind to arrive before dark.

The cliffs of Amorgos, from only seeing them, must rise 1,200 feet straight out of the sea in places, very impressive.

We arrived and tied up to the dock facing the mountains speckled with white houses an hour before sunset and now Gino and Luigi are preparing dinner.



“We do not starve on the boat” says Renato and he was right, the food prepared on board is delicious.

Lots of fun for a Wisconsin boy out on the ocean and everyone onboard is thoroughly enjoying themselves. Excellent sailing, small -goat-filled islands, and a smiling crew.

-We are spending the day here tomorrow to explore the island’s high-land and sights. Then, off to new lands to the west. Good things.

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  1. Ciao Lotos!!! Ciao a tutto l’equipaggio….!! Mi sa che quest’anno posso seguirvi solo sul sito…, ogni tanto pensate a me così sentirò un po’ di fresco.
    Un abbraccio particolare a Luigi Gino e Renato….mi raccomando i pesciotti!!

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