From Leros to Levitha – Friday June, 8

On friday, Luigi arrived to Leros and final preparations were made as well as pasta, and we left for the island Lefitha. A strong wind was from the NW and on one tack we sailed the 21miles to Lefitha. We saw a pod of dolphins that played in the bow wave for a moment and a container ship along the way. The sailing was very good and exciting, hand-steering the whole way, waves breaking over the bow. We took the harbor on the south side of Lefitha that was classic mediterranean, protected, and you could see the bottom clearly through 9 meters of water. Diving in for a swim was followed securing the mooring. Paradise. Lefitha is un-inhabited except for a fisherman and his family, and a whole lot of goats. Learning that the familys taverna had prepared food we chose to eat there. Walking around their home with 5 or 6 buildings it was apparent that they were almost completely self-sufficient.


Goats, chickens, a garden, fig trees, solar panels and wind generators, a small fishing boat, a small church, and kilometers of hand made stone walls (made with no mortar). Gino had been here 15 years prior and said that it has not changed.



The dinner was delicious, and the bulk of the food came from the island. Goat hamburgers, greek salad, grilled ribs etc.

Back to the boat we star-gazed for a few hours. All of us very happy with ourselves and where we were, we slept happily. And it was only the first day.

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