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11/8 The big passage: Corfu – Dubrovnik
233 NM in 43 hours

Courtney, Matthew, and Jonathan boarded in Corfu and within 30 minutes of meeting were deep in philosophical conversation and ouzo. When Dominick came back from the airport to find us dancing on the deck to Greek folk music, i am sure he thought this was going to be a looooooong passage indeed! Right off the bat we embarked on 2 straight night passages which was fantastic. We saw beautiful sunsets, full moons, we swam in the middle of the ocean (even though Luigi was very nervous for us to do it) and even saw dolphins racing along the bow. 
In Dubrovnik, the Best Crew Ever went to explore the old town and feast upon Croatian delicacies. Jon bought what would turn out to be the best purchase of the trip, the Croatian skipper hat. This week is already proving to be alot of good eating, conversation, and laughs. #bestcrewever #thatswhatshesaid #notsomuch

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