Captured in Kos

Greetings from Kos!

Let me tell you about the beginning of this season in Greece.

During the first week we did complete maintenance of boat, we applied new antifoul, polished all topsides, cleaned the deck, changed oils, filters and belt for engine, lubricated main sail rail and fixed stammering furling drum.

The launch was planned for 21/5, but only a day before that we received message from marina office that the only one 100 lbs crane (capable of launching boats) is temporarily out of service and we must wait until some part will arrive from Italy. So we are waiting now and we have, at least, enough time to buy and prepare all things, to visit local points of interest or to update website..

Today we got information, that crane will be ready soon (maybe tomorrow). However, weather has turned against us and 6 Bft is coming from S for next two days. So it seems we will be ready to leave Kos at Saturday 25th in the morning. Luigi has adjusted the plan for next days, so we can easily make up for lost time.

Photos from our trip can be found at my online G+ gallery


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