One small step for him, a giant leap for us

Finally, after 4 long days of waiting, we finally moved on! Lotos has been launched today at 11:36.

We filled diesel tank immediately and went into the sea to test our new propeller. Luigi says it’s more powerful than the last one, but the new axis is making quite unpleasant noise around 2000 RPM. There is nothing we can do with that, but happily, we are a sailing boat. 🙂

VivareAfter this short propeller test we landed in Kos Marina to finish lubrication of main sail rail and then we rigged the sails. It took us maybe 2 hours, we were fighting with battens a bit, but we were so happy to be on the sea again.

Then we made fast departure and just out of the Kos bay we hoisted sails and set course to Pserymos island. For some time we went close-hauled with reefed sails against the 20kts wind from WNW, but wind is gone now and we are motoring straight ahead the island.

It’s such a beautiful feeling to be released from captivity.

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