June, 22 – Lavrion

Today we leave for the mainland to the city Laverion. We ate breakfast as usual then deflated and stowed the dingy and outboard engine. We raised the anchor (the60 metersof chain as we didn’t want the anchoring problems as before) and had a marker buoy for the anchor with a loose rope to the anchor. When we raised it the painter line from the buoy to the anchor got wrapped around the propeller. We anchored quickly again and Luciano donned the scuba gear once again and cut free the propeller before we were underway. 22 knots of wind and easy to moderate seas it was another exciting sail. We were taking it in stride and relaxed then a larger charter boat (with poorly trimmed sails) overtook and passed us. Out went the rest of theGenoa, and out went their’s, and we then took out a reef in the main. Two sailboats never just sail next to each other, they race, and so we went charging towards Lavrion like this for awhile and overtook them, then reduced sail. Very exciting. Arriving in Lavrion we found a spot in the crowded marina among the charter fleets and Renato and I went on a mission to find groceries. Food accomplished, we went back to the boat and prepared dinner listening to “The Eagles”.  We watched the soccer match between Greece and Germany (Germany won) and then called it a day.

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