Lesvos – August, 9

Everyone slept well and we prepared the dingy went ashore to the small town for food stuffs. Seemed like a desert island and suddenly a manifestation of houses proved life and we did find fresh bread and groceries. A lazy morning/afternoon ensued and we had lunch. After lunch we made an early afternoon departure from the bay and headed south and then east along the coast towards the largest bay of Lesvos. A magnificent sail we had flat seas and off-wind sailing we made 7plus knots and spurts of 8knots while sailing along the cliffs. Renato and I took the dingy to shore to find hopefully a fruit shop or fresh fish after a tight navigation through the channel. Nothing was found except the wonderfulness of fresh figs from the tree and the kindness of the Greek people. In our quest for fruit we asked many people along the way and were helped everytime and one lady gave us some eggs from her own fridge. We returned to the boat and then everyone had dinner late into the evening at the taverna next to the water.

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