Mikonos June, 12

Today life is simple and we only have a short distance to motor to and spend the day on Mikonos. Swimming in the morning, lunch, then random naps until two o-clock we left for Mikinos. Arriving we docked a mile or two outside of the main town. Renato and I walked to the town while the others rented two mopeds. Mikinos is the most touristic and expensive island by far in the area but still very beautiful and good to see. White buildings with blue accents and winding narrow streets next to the ocean, it is known for the un-ending night life and beach parties. Renato and I snapped some pictures, saw the sights then went back to prepare dinner. The others went out to eat and take the mopeds to “paradise beach” to see the party and Renato, Luigi, and I had dinner and grappa in the cockpit, while the others returned early.


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