Ormos Skhinou (Nisos Rinia) June, 13

Early-er to rise today, we had breakfast onboard and then we did two trips to town to get us all to the ferry to Delos. Nothing like riding on the back of a moped to wake up in the morning! Delos is only a 20 minute ferry ride from Mikinos and is the “birth-place of Apollo” the greek god. Arriving, I tagged along with a tour group and learned there was many temples, statues, and otherwise dedicated to apollo. Also, an interesting fact is that no one is allowed to die on the island, only life is allowed and for thousands of years (to this day) if someone is near death, they are taken accross the bay to peacefully pass away. Luciano, Gino, and I hiked to the top of the large hill and had an amazing panorama of the island and the clear water. Arriving back to Mikinos we had greek salads and went back to the boat to relax the afternoon sun away.



With the mopeds, groceries were purchased and brought to the boat, and then we left for the anchorage across the channel becasue is it is much cooler than the stagnant marina.


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