Ermoupolis (nisos Siros) June, 14

Woke up and the water was like glass, very calm, a swim before breakfast and then a look to replace some parts up the mast and swithc propane tanks. Luigi couldnt loosen one very stuck screw and asked if I could try and loosen it. Up the mast, I got it and replaced with a better one but the view from aloft was great, very cool to fix something up there. With the wind building, Gino says that the seasonal wind called “meltemi” is here and will be very windy from now on. Seeing the wind we attached the inner forestay for the olympic (jib) sail and we are now a cutter. Invariably one learns a lot by just being onboard. We left in the early afternoon and headed for the white-caps! Yes the meltemi was here, 25knot wind gusting to 31knots and about 1 meter seas. Awesome sailing, we close reached the whole way to the island of Syros. Pasta salad lunch in the cockpit, Luigi was steering and a large wave splashed the cockpit, the pasta needed more salt anyway, we had a good laugh. Myself learning to steer in the large waves, did not see one and literally a wall of water came across the cockpit waking up everybody except Renato, who was sleeping down below. Arriving at Syros, the capital island of the Cyclades, we med-moored right in the town center by the cafés. Very busy but without the tourists, Luigi and I walked to the top of the hill that a large church was on, the others were watching an Italian soccer match against Croatia. I think they tied but either way dinner was after the match and homemade meatballs were served. Later a few of us went to the main square and listened to the live music then went to bed.

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