Ermoupolis….like Trieste

Day three blocked due to Ermoupolis’ strong Meltemi (wind). In port there are only 4 sailboats moored at the quay deck with two coil springs and two spring-lines windward. The first day but still held after the disaster, when the boats alongside departed, they lifted up our anchor.  Yesterday we made two attempts to reset the anchor without success so we added our third admiralty anchor and finally we are safely anchored and moored. During maneuvers  the harbor police constantly warned us to turn away from maneuvering ships in the area. All the ships were in distress and were being helped by 4 tugs maneuvering for mooring. During our  maneuver, as shown by the registration, the gusts reached 45 knots … a beautiful grind!

The forecast is a small reduction of wind on Tuesday, with gusts around 30 knots yet …. we’ll see …..


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