Syros to Kithnos – June, 19

We woke up on the west side of Syros after watching a soccer match the night before. We had breakfast and got groceries for the next few days with the goal of leaving Syros after 5 days of waiting for the meltemi (high winds) to calm we asked an arriving boat the conditions “out there”. Hearing the actual conditions we decided to depart after having “musaka” for lunch (a greek lasagna-like piece of delicious). Finally leaving Syros we were on our way to Kithnos, about 33 miles with 1.5 to 2 meter seas and gusts to 30 knots. Nobody got sea-sick and it was another fun, wave navigating ride, learning to “surf” on the waves on a broad reach was lots of fun. Renato and I had the shift of cooking and once we arrived in the deep-set bay at Kithnos and were eating within ten minutes after the anchor was set and quoted from Luigi, “another rich experience”. A great day, good food, and exciting sailing we are all very happy.

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